Flytec Aviation Services is pleased to welcome three more transport category aircraft to its Central European facilities for heavy maintenance. Two of the aircraft are Boeing B737-900ER’s and one is an Airbus A321-200. All three are owned by a major Global lessor and will be delivered to new commercial operators immediately upon completion of ; extensive Airframe structural, CFM-56 Powerplant, Landing Gear, Cabin LOPA, Flight Deck and Avionics maintenance, upgrades and reconfigurations.

Flytec is further augmenting its line, base and heavy maintenance capabilities in Central Europe with in house narrow body airframe paint capacity in Q1 2022 and is completing final design work for wide body hangar facilities with specifications for zero-stress structural and heavy maintenance on the Boeing B787/ B777 and Airbus A330/A350 families and is to be operational by Q2 2023.

Demand for Flytec A.S. heavy maintenance MRO, CAMO, CAME, Leasing and Aircraft Repositioning services is growing dramatically due to the remarkable value proposition of combining decades of industry / engineering experience, comprehensive in house facilities in Central Europe, and remarkable pricing capability. Flytec is a subsidiary of API Financial SG and proud technical partner of CSAT a.s.

As the world re-opens and leaves the pandemic behind, global commercial aviation is presented with a unique opportunity to rebuild networks, supply chains and business models unlike any since the post war era. Operators that take advantage of these opportunities will benefit from everything this new era has to offer. Flytec is here for those customers looking for a one stop shop to gain additional value, access and quality from their aircraft maintenance spend to capitalize on these thrilling new growth opportunities.